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Great eyewear is about accentuating, not overpowering. Complementing and lifting. The mix of subtle and strong tones and curves brought into Meraki eyewear makes it the perfect selection to bring out the wearers individuality through style, elegance and allure.

Meraki eyewear was founded with this very thought in mind. To put such passion and love into creating a brand that touches and inspires, thus creating a radiance and loveliness that transfers to the wearer.

Meraki eyewear encompasses a selection of classic, retro, vibrant and contemporary styles in quality materials - perfectly embodying the spirit of soft strength and sophistication.

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Exceptionally light and exceptionally strong, Swing Eyewear is a range of frames that incorporates strength with style and comfort. Antiallergenic, lightweight, and incredibly flexible – its perfect for the whole family! With colors that are vibrant, fun and energetic, Swing Eyewear is kid friendly, pet friendly and enviro- friendly too! A trusted companion on your next adventure!

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Great classics that have been turned to contemporary styles through fresh colors and finishes, Ivy Eyewear fuses modern trends with comfort, making them timeless and elegant. With shapes that encompass a range of different personalities and lifestyle needs, the Ivy Eyewear range has a frame for everyone. If you are looking for express yourself, find a functional pair of eyewear or simply accent your style, it’s time to look at what Ivy eyewear has to offer.

Simple. Natural. Clean.

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They say that less is more. We believe that more eyewear means more exciting choices to complete your look every day. With Prospect Eyewear, there is no need to compromise anymore on style, comfort and affordability. Offering you quality that is backed by our one year warranty and fashion that keeps up to trending eyewear means you can have multiple pairs to accessorize with.

Value for you!

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Zero Eyewear is a brand that is exclusively available at Optical Alliance stores.

Youthful and energetic finishes while being crafted from sturdy materials makes Zero the ideal option for a durable, comfortable and eye catching pair of eyewear.

Join us and our stockists on the journey of bringing the best value and style to your next eyewear experience with Zero.

*only Optical Alliance members may stock this brand.

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